5 Benefits of Mood Messaging for Your Brand Now

Oct 23, 2023 | Branding

As we attempt to navigate the ever-changing complex world, consumers are struggling with emotional exhaustion and multiple emotions at once due to the turbulence of the last three years.

Gen Z made attempts to express their feelings by sending Depression Meal Checks, a trend on Tik Tok that encouraged viewers to seek out meals for depression.

As the consumer tries to find support online, mood messaging is delicate but it can produce customer loyalty and increased engagement.

Mood messaging is a softer approach to telling a viewer they’re vulnerable without going into a lengthy explanation.

With over 15m views this trend is a popular way to share mental health concerns rather than trying to tell friends they’re struggling with mental health issues.

It has had a trickle down effect into all generations who are also struggling with all the changes we’ve endured over the last three years.  The human spirit is wired to adapt when survival is at stake.

Considering this generation is already used to using non-verbal emojis and memes to send a clear mental health message, it makes sense that branding should also help with consumer messaging.  Tinder in particular incorporated mood messaging in 2021 through their Vibes tool.

Instead of matching users based on their profiles, the app assesses their energetic compatibility based on behavioural questions.  Spotify also introduced Audio Auras capturing users music preferences and moods as part of its 2021 Wrapped Feature. 

Consumers are looking for unique mood-enhancing experiences that takes the edge off the daily grind. They are seeking submersive experiences that transport them to a place of serenity, comfort and joy.

An increase in mood boosting apps that help manage stress and reduce the pressure on mental health are flooding the market to cope with the mental health crisis and the pressure on the already stretched resouces. Mood boosting apps are becoming more niche and are focusing on specific areas instead of going general.

The growth in this area certainly comes from dealing with the pandemic,  job loss and the rising costs of daily living.

We’ve also seen an influx of migration around the world as people choose to relocate for various reasons.  This has led the consumer to seek out good feeling options to make small changes in their daily habits and routines for as long or short as required.

Mood messaging is like a hug for the consumer, it gives them a boost of happiness, and a feeling of comfort.  To succeed today branding has to be more than just a product, it has to connect on a deeper level, understanding their emotions and aligning your brands message with their mood. 

Mood messaging can help your brand stand out and attract your ideal consumer, it has to be sincere and heart felt to connect and build trust in order for a consumer to spend money with you.

Let’s Explore Five Benefits of Mood Messaging That Supports a Strategy Worth Incorporating:


1. Connecting Emotionally

At the heart of mood messaging is emotional connection.  People are isolated, some by choice due to the rise of remote working. Whilst other are alone by happenstance  brought forward from the last three years.

Supporting your consumer and understanding their feelings, creates a long lasting loyal bond and advocates for your business.  Brand loyalty is earned over time through sincere consistency and transparency.  Your vision and values are an important part of the brand.


2. Expanding Engagement

It can result in more shares, more likes and more visibility, giving your brand a wide reach through cultivating organically.”

–  thinkmagstudio

Boosting your engagement with mood messaging can tap into the emotions of your audience.  They are more likely to participate, interact and share your brand with their peers if they truly like it.  It can result in more shares, more likes and more visibility, giving your brand a wide reach through cultivating organically.


3. Enhanced Recollection

Brands that have a specific mood are more memorable.  People tend to remember ads and content that evoked a feeling whether it was good bad or indifferent.  When your brand connects with a feeling it has a better chance of being remembered.  It can help to stay on the minds of the consumer when they’re ready to make a purchase or a recommendation.

It’s a familiar memory that they want to revisit again and again.

Creating memories with your audience that supports them and cultivates trust results in attracting a unique audience that’s genuinely interested in your product or services.  Quality will always trump quantity.

Elevate Your Brand Success: Five benefits of Mood Messaging
4. Increase Customer Loyalty

Your brand should be a great experience from start to finish.  Competition is high, so setting your brand apart is an essential task that has to maintain a standard throughout every interaction.


When customers feel supported and their emotions understood they are more than likely to become repeat customers and advocates, eventually leading to long relationships built on true admiration.  A lot of companies have tried and fallen flat, in some cases consumers were turned off completely.  Your audience isn’t for everyone, trying to pander to everyone doesn’t work.  And it hasn’t worked for quite sometime.


5. Differentiation

In an competitive market that’s continually to growing, standing apart from your competitors is key.  When you tap in emotionally with your customer it creates a memory that’s pure joy.

Creating a distinct identity for your brand through mood messaging is a delicate and detailed process.  You cannot skim the surface, it must be authentic to build trust.

It must be transparent, entertaining or educational.  By nature, a mood is transitory a brand mood must be consistent but it can’t be heavy handed with this type of content otherwise you run the risk of lacking depth.

Including relevant and mood changing content into your branding from your brand’s point of view is necessary.



Mood messaging is a powerful strategy that can connect with your ideal consumer in a way that is more than just a product.  It can drive sales through a deeper connection that boosts engagement, increase sales and customer loyalty.

Build lasting relationships through branding that emotionally supports the ever changing world of your customer and you’ll never have to chase sales.

With Loneliness being at an all time high, it’s important to create real connections with your consumers based on trust, support and education.

It must be consistent otherwise consumers will see through a brand’s generic marketing in a minute.

If you’re new to mood messaging considering engaging a branding agency or an expert that already understands how to navigate emotional branding in a way that aligns with your brand’s identity and audience.  For those in the Clean Beauty industry, check out my semi-custom brand suite for CBD skincare. It might be your vibe.  It’s definitely a mood.

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