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Branding FAQ’s

Why is Brand Identity so Expensive?

Branding is your messaging, and visual identity.  It also includes the user experience and how they interact with the brand. The reputation of the brand and how people perceive it when you’re unable to explain it. It’s more than a logo when you’re building a real business it’s worth the investment.

A well-designed brand tells your audience you cared to find out what works visually and in turn builds a connection and trust.  It take 3-5 visits before a viewer takes action.  A trustworthy brand guides the viewer, entertains the viewer, educates the viewer or in some cases all three.

What are Your Qualifications?

I have a honours certificate in web & graphic design from Toronto, Canada. I have over 15 years experience in digital magazine publishing, styling and identity. And I have several years of experience working in the luxury market.

What is The Difference Between Secondary Logos and Icons?

Your Secondary Logo is an alternate version of the (primary) main logo.  It is either horizontal, or centered depending on what the primary logo is with minor differences.

Your Submark Logo is a simplified variation of your logo. Making it easier to use on a smaller scale.

Icon – An icon is a simple strong symbol or abstract shape that becomes recognisable with your brand (think Nike, Apple, or Puma).

What Should Have Ready Before We Start Working Together?

Before begin working together, it’s imperative you have a solid plan that includes your business name, goals, product profile and who your target audience.

What is a Moodboard?

A Moodboard is an important part of the design process – it sets the tone and creative direction for the Brand project.  It helps to communicate ideas and  concepts that closely fit your brands vision.

What Are Brand Guidelines?

It’s a guide for using your Logos/Visuals to ensure your brand is applied consistently across all visual communications. Includes final brand colours, fonts, logo variations, design elements/illustrations (if applicable) and image inspiration (moodboard).

How Long Does the Brand Process Take?

The Branding Process takes approximately 4-6 weeks.

If you need to brand your business fast, semi custom brand suites can be customized to your business with your colours/name/tagline however they will be sold more than once in limited quantites therefore they are not exclusive. Deliverable is 10 business days. View my Semi-Custom Brand Suites.

If you want an exclusive custom Brand Suite you can view my Brand Identity packages.

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